Very simple and at the same time tasty! Such a light and tasty dinner is suitable for absolutely everyone! The family will be delighted with complete.

Buckwheat itself is very useful for the body, and vegetables normalize all the digestive tract.

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Ingredients for 4 portions:

  • Buckwheat – 150g.
  • Cream oil – 50g.
  • Tomato – 2pcs.
  • Cucumber – 2pcs.
  • Fresh greens (parsley, dill, onion green) – a bunch
  • Sour cream 10% – 200g.
  • Salt and black pepper
  • Calorie content of one portion – 325 kcal
  • Used one portion – 9/15/38

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Cook buckwheat by the recipe that you can see here.
  2. After cooking, salt and add a little butter.
  3. Cut cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs into a deep cup.
  4. Add sour cream.
  5. Salt, pepper and mix.
  6. Beautifully lay out on a plate.

That’s all ready !!!

Bon appetit!

How to cook an easy and tasty dinner for the whole family in 30 minutes? Recipes  useful tips proper nutrition

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