How to bake homemade ciabatta bread with big holes in the oven

How to bake homemade ciabatta bread with big holes in the oven useful tips proper nutrition breakfast Bakery products

Delicious homemade bread is suitable for any dishes – for the first, second, and it can also be eaten just like that, without everything. And you can also make delicious fluffy pancakes. They are prepared very simply and quickly. Follow the link, cook and eat in joy!

Enjoy your cooking and appetite!

Biochemical processes in the preparation of homemade bread

Dough for bread will always be obtained, and homemade bread will always be delicious and airy, you need to know and remember about the so-called biochemical processes that occur during cooking.

Bread does not tolerate haste

The very first thing to remember is that the dough does not like haste and fuss, it is very tender and capricious. All because the gluten flour is well dissolved and acquired elasticity takes time. Protein strands, binding together, hold gas bubbles that form yeast during the processing of carbohydrates and sugar contained in flour. The dough rises well due to such bubbles.

Prolonged fermentation of the dough

There is another important point – this is the enzymatic process or fermentation. If the dough is well fermented, it forms useful acids from carbohydrates, so yeast is added to the dough not only because of the formation of bubbles. If the dough is poorly fermented, then there are a lot of carbohydrates that lead to weight gain. It is better not to save time and do not choose the fastest recipe for making homemade bread and other pastries, too.

Homemade bread according to our recipe turns out like ciabatta, with big holes and always delicious!

This recipe I have prepared for those who like a rich bread with large holes in the flesh. The advantage is that you can see for Yourself what you cook from, and how you cook. There will be no unnecessary additives to improve the appearance of bread, its taste or preservatives, so that it is stored longer. Only natural products. The downside is that it takes a relatively long time to prepare. That is, the bread is not baked for a long time, but the dough is spread out for a long time. But in the end, You will get an amazing result!

Homemade bread is loved by both children and adults. The bread turns out great, similar to Italian ciabatta, with large holes in the flesh and a crisp crust. Want to learn how to bake bread with big holes at home, like Italian ciabatta? To do this, you need: an oven, our recipe and Your desire! Start cooking?

Ingredients for the recipe Homemade bread

  • 400 g flour + 50 g more
  • 400 ml of water
  • 2 g dry yeast
  • 1 tsp salt

Recipe for Homemade bread

Today we are going to bake white-wheat bread. Moreover, the most difficult thing in this recipe, as I said above – is to withstand the right time.

The dough will be upset for a long time. But otherwise everything is simple and with a minimum of ingredients.

Phase one

  1. Sift the flour into a deep bowl with high sides – our dough will rise in it, and will increase by 3-4 times, so count.
  2. Mix warm water with dry yeast. Yes, this is not a typo – this is the small amount of yeast we will need.
  3. Add salt to the flour and pour in a little water with yeast. Mix lightly. Don’t need much. It turns out a very liquid mass, do not be afraid it will then become a test.
  4. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Exactly. You can do it for longer, but no more than 20. This long proofing will help the gluten work as it should.

Second stage

  1. After that, pour the rest of the flour (50 grams) on the table and carefully place the dough from the bowl on it.
  2. No need to knead! Just wrap the edges up so that no air escapes.
  3. Cover with a bowl and let stand for another 2-3 hours.

Third stage

  1. Preheat the oven to 250-270 degrees. Put it in the form in which you will bake bread, it should become hot.
  2. Transfer this semi-liquid dough to a hot form, with the bottom side up. Flour stuck at the bottom when baking will give the bread a beautiful appearance.
  3. Put the form in the oven, at the bottom of which you will put a baking tray with hot water to form steam. Bake for 20 minutes, then remove the pan with water, and bake for another 15-20 minutes. Look at the crust.

In conclusion

Caloric content and BZHU of home-made bread

I took the data from the website Chlorinator

ProductWeight, gProtein, gFat, gCarbohydrates, gKcal
1Wheat flour45041,45,4337,051539
Total per 100 grams:1004,910,6539,33339,07

The caloric content of our homemade bread with large holes is about 339 Kcal per 100 grams of product. Water is not included in the calculation of calories per 100 grams, because almost all of it boils away.

Who needs homemade bread

This bread is suitable for any dishes, and you can also eat it separately from everything, because it turns out well, very delicious! Children just adore it, and men no longer want to eat store-bought. Yes, you will feel the difference yourself and will no longer buy any bread in supermarkets.

Just remember an important point! You can not eat bread in large doses, especially for those who follow the figure. It contains a very large amount of carbohydrates. It is better to eat it in the morning, a maximum of a couple of pieces. Then home-made bread will only benefit You and Your family and will not harm Your figure and health in any way. Eat moderately, in small portions and you will feel light, slim and healthy!

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I hope that you liked the article and all my work will not be wasted, and You and your family will enjoy cooking delicious homemade bread according to our recipe!

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Cook delicious, eat well and live in pleasure!

How to bake homemade ciabatta bread with big holes in the oven useful tips proper nutrition breakfast Bakery products
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